Designing & Manufacturing Hydraulic Equipment Since 1980

Latest News – 30th October 2017. – HEAW 10-12 to Singapore

 30th October 2017. – 2 X HHAW 15-32 to Hong Kong 

 30th October 2017. – 1 x HHAW15-32 to Singapore

 30th October 2017. –1 x HHAW 25-20 to Singapore

 14th September 2017. 1 x HHAW 35-40 to the Philippines.

At HYPAC We Think And Act Globally

Since 1980, Hypac has been designing and manufacturing hydraulic systems and equipment for industrial, marine, mobile, mining, agricultural, construction, defence, winery and vineyard operations.

Under the direction of hands on management and highly skilled, cross-trained engineers, Hypac works with one objective; to create a workable solution with a hydraulic system that is accurate, hardworking and reliable no matter how harsh the conditions or demanding the application, anywhere on land or water.

The highly motivated Hypac team are capable of inventing new, innovative solutions that solve problems that some customers didn’t even know they had.